Custom Designs, Luxury Craftsmanship

There is something special about hand-crafted wood furniture that adds an extra element of warmth to a home that generic or factory made furniture just can’t compare with. As a licensed craftsman and cabinet maker, I have had the opportunity to see that look of joy on a customer’s face many times when they first set eyes on a custom piece they’ve ordered from me. You don’t get that when you shop at the factory or the mall. You also won’t be privy to the designer’s or builder’s name or even where that piece of mall furniture or factory furniture was built.


From My Hands to Yours.

“From My Hands to Yours.” That sums up what you can expect from me. Communication is paramount. We will exchange ideas in person, by phone, text and email. Ultimately, the final product will be an original Gunner Grey creation that will fit your exact needs and character. My passion goes into each piece. From hand drafting, to the acute attention to detail that was instilled in the Marine Corps and fine-tuned at North Bennet Street School, my name is the guarantee that you need to ensure it is the very best custom-made and original woodworking you will have in your home or business.  Something we can be proud of. 

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