About Gunner Grey Creative Woodworking


Everyone who does business with me meets me in person at the beginning of the process when I come out, and then again at the end when I come back to install the finished product. I make sure that I’m available to you throughout the job and you’re welcome to come by and visit the shop anytime to see the progress on your project or just to sit down and chat for a few minutes. My clients are all like family to me and are welcome anytime.


If all of this sounds familiar, it is probably because this is the way that our parents and grandparents did business. Wood workers, cabinet makers, and carpenters were respected artisans back then, masters of their craft who could build wonderful creations from wood that no one else could begin to construct. Like those craftsmen of old, I consider myself an artist. Each piece I create is special to me because I know it will be special to you when it graces your home. The smile on your face when I deliver it will tell me all I need to know about how you feel about it.


I offer a range of bespoke interiors from handcrafted furniture, staircases, built in wardrobes to one-of-a-kind furniture ranging from bookshelves to storage solutions. 

Using expert joinery we create long lasting quality products. My customers are at the forefront of what I do and I pride myself on supplying an above-and-beyond customer service. Our unrivaled personal approach to bespoke interiors and furniture aims to make sure your each and every need is met and your vision realized.

Sourcing only quality materials each kitchen, wardrobe, bookshelf, to mention but a few, are handcrafted to the highest standard. As each piece is made uniquely, there are no restrictions on size or material – your imagination is the only limit.

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